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Peiris prevent to discuss with Alliance. Government motive exposed. Rajeeva Wijeyasinghe shocking information

Concerning the activities of External Affairs Minister Prof.G.L.Peiris in the issue of political settlement plan dialog, is disappointing was said by ruling sector parliament member Prof.Rajeeva Wijeyasinghe, and he insisted that the government sector discussion panel should be restructured. Meanwhile he questioned, which project headed by Minister Peiris turned successful?  If talks get disturbed, it would be a problem to me, and efforts taken to protect the position and to process dialogues, will be certainly a problem.Meanwhile he had said, third sector mediator is not essential for the settlement plan dialog.Concerning the settlement plan dialog I was not notified in the proper manner, hence I left the panel six months back was said Rajeeva Wijayasinghe.In the objective of finding a political settlement to the national ethnic crisis after war, Sri Lanka government commenced discussion with Tamil National Alliance. According to the advice acquired from India, US including countries this activity was processed.Talks resumed after some months, and the Alliance submitted an interim settlement plan proposal. However that proposal plan was rejected and was not accepted by the government. Hence the bilateral talk was interrupted. Alliance walked out mentioning if assurance not given in writing, it is no use in continuing. However, the talks commence after some months on mutual understanding.Falling-outs occurred frequently, and one of the members in the government sector from the discussion panel, former senior Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayake resigned including the negligence of the state sectors, this situation occurred.Meanwhile it was much expected to resume talks, and government submitted the parliamentary selective committee proposal, and the alliance imposed conditions, hence the settlement plan talks got hampered.Many months have passed in concluding talks in this manner, and the international society expressed opinion  once again commenced talks between the government and alliance. If government with perfect conscious commences dialogues, alliance has notified it is prepared to participate. In this state, whether government sector is prepared, to revive the political settlement plan talks, was queried from Prof.Rajeeva Wijeyasinghe , one of the members  from the government  sector discussion panel  by “Udayan” press.In response he said, it is much welcoming if talks resumes, however there are some obstacles. Some in the motive of protecting their positions, are assigned for discussions, it cannot be processed in the reasonable manner. Hence similar to Minister Nimal Sripala De Silva who functions for justice in the issues for settlement issue should be the member in the government sector discussion panel.If it so, whether External Affairs Minister Peiris is an obstruction to resume talks, was queried by “Udayan” press, in response he said, I did not say that, but what is the project which was headed by Peiris turned successful? If talks get disturbed, it would be a problem to me, and attempting to protect their position, and advancing talks is a problem.I was not in the proper manner notified regarding my presence for the discussion table, I being the member of the panel. Due to this reason, I have submitted my resignation letter six months back. I said, I agreed to be a member if similar to Nimal was in the panel was said by Prof.Rajeeva Wijeyasinghe.

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