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Permanent settlement to Tamils will be, by north election. Cafe movement Executive Director Keerthi Tennakone notify

Joining the civil social representatives,  the northern provincial council election should be held  in a democratic manner, and through this, the Tamil people will acquire permanent political settlement was said by Cafe Executive Director Keerthi Tennakone.”Tamil, Sinhala, Muslim community’s role in contemporary politics” was the theme for the event organized to share views two days back at Jaffna Moorthy Color Lab center by the Viluthu”  organization,  and he made this statement.He said, after Sri Lanka obtained independence, democratic rights of people are denied. The three ethnic communities have lost democracy, are now discussing concerning their rights.Difference is prevailing amidst ethnic, hence how could you say harmony.Pirabakaran, his family and Tamil people were killed during war, the Sinhala people assume that they have won and the Tamil people are defeated. But generally after war, Sri lanka government and army achieved victory, but there is nonexistence for democracy. People from the southern party are facing many crises.Representatives in the local council are much aware about people’s crisis and expectations. Hence we have been deprived from our democracy rights. Measures should be advanced to settle this crisis.In the midst of people,  a situation is originated of not having confidence in opposition parties including political parties. Same situation exist in the south.  The civil movements should be merged into a strong political movement.  Different crisis occur in the midst of people in each district.The political freedom of northern people is a massive crisis.  A reasonable settlement should be acquired through provincial council election.  Currently government feels that it will be defeated hence it will not come forward to hold the northern provincial council election. Because government is not prepared to face defeat even in local councils was said.Election should hold by the pressure from civil social movements.  Geneva resolution will not provide us a proper settlement.  If proper political settlement is obtained, Tamil people could live a compromised democracy life.

Author: TELO Admin