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Sri Lankan President rejects allegations in US human rights report

Sri Lanka’s President Mahinda Rajapaksa today vehemently rejected the allegations made against the country by the United States in its recently issued human rights report.The President said the government is constantly bound to protect human rights and the government will bring the persons responsible for any violations of human rights to the book.He made these remarks when he met with the heads of all electronic and printed media institutions at Temple Trees this morning. The 2012 Human Rights Report released by the United State Department of State Friday (19) alleged that the government, its agents, or its paramilitary allies committed arbitrary or unlawful killings.Although the overall number of extrajudicial killings appeared to have decreased from previous years, killings and assaults on civilians by government officials continued in 2012, the United States said in the report.Responding to a question of international pressure on alleged human rights violations, the President said if anyone can provide credible proof or evidence of such incidents action would be taken promptly.The President assured that the Northern Provincial Councils elections will be held as scheduled in September as there is an environment conducive to conduct polls.He pointed out that almost all the Internally Displaced Persons have been resettled in the area and they have been provided with livelihoods.”There is only 5 percent of the area remained to be de-mined,” President added.Answering a question raised on curtailing US aid to Sri Lanka, he said that Japan, China and Korea are providing most aid to Sri Lanka. He said Sri Lanka should accept these trimmings in aid since the country is stepping towards achieving development goals.Speaking of the relationship with India, the President stressed that the government has no rift with India despite issues raised in Tamil Nadu against Sri Lanka and relations between the two countries will not be affected by the influences of Tamil Nadu politics.The President pointed out that the government has always invited Tamil Nadu politicians to come to Sri Lanka and see firsthand the ground situation.”We invite all those who are critical about Sri Lanka to visit here and see the reality for themselves,” the President said.

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