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Sri Lanka Tamil party calls for re-merging North and East

Sri Lanka’s main Tamil party, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has called for re-merging the Northern and Eastern provinces demerged by a court decision.Addressing a press conference yesterday, the TNA national list parliamentarian M.A. Sumanthiran has said that according to the Constitution any two provinces in the country can be merged and the time has come to permanently remerge the Northern and Eastern provinces which had been once temporarily merged.However the southern polity of the country says the demand to re-merge the two provinces is an LTTE separatist agenda and the Tamil party’s call for re-merger is aimed at establishing an Eelam state in the region.Dismissing the accusation that his party is to set up an Eelam state in the Northern region, the MP has asserted that his party’s aim is to come to a solution that is acceptable to all the communities in the country and not to establish a separate Eelam state.If any party is interpreting the re-merger of the two provinces as a step to create a separate state then that party is misleading the people and the country completely, the TNA parliamentarian has said.In July 1987, the two provinces were merged as part of the Indo-Sri Lanka Accord after the Indian government intervened to bring about a negotiated end to the island’s armed separatist conflict. The Supreme Court on October 2006 ruled that the 1987 order by the then President of Sri Lanka merging the two provinces was not in keeping with the country’s Constitution.

Author: TELO Admin