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Jaffna life not yet normal – UNP

The United National Party says that it can’t be satisfied with the steps the Govt is taking to bring the peoples’ lives in Jaffna to normal, even after many years have passed since the end of the war.UNP General Secretary Thissa Aththanayaka made this remark at a media conference held on Tuesday (30) in the Plantation employee union office auditorium, Rajagiriya.He said that the idea was proved during the visit of UNP delegation led by party leader Ranil Wickramasinghe to Jaffna and Vanni areas.Expressing his views further, Mr. Aththanayaka said the people of Jaffna are being oppressed by the military. He said that the people had pledged them to take action in returning the land seized by the military as high security zones.He said that the construction of houses in the resettlement process has not been done with any quality. He said that most of the houses have already started to get wacky.Mr. Aththanayaka also raised concerns about the lack of media freedom in the North. He pointed out that the continuous attacks on the Uthayan newspaper, DMI infiltrating TNA and UNP meetings and scaring off the people are all intentional actions.He said that the people in the North do not have any confidence that a fair election will be held.Mr.Aththanayaka also took the opportunity to present the progress of the membership expansion program in Jaffna to the media.

Author: TELO Admin