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Govt Must Honour Promises Given On 13th Amendment – M. A. Sumanthiran

TNA parliamentarian, Attorney at Law, M. A. Sumanthiran says that the JHU’s move to propose the abolition of the provincial council system under the 13th Amendment to the Constitution is backed by the government since the JHU is a constituent member of the governing party with a member in the Cabinet.

“There must be a power-sharing arrangement agreed upon that enables the Tamil People of this country to live as equal citizens with dignity and self-respect, handling their own affairs in their own areas,” he said.

However, Sumanthiran observes that this government’s track record on finding a lasting solution to the ethnic issue will not infuse any degree of confidence.

He added that India has a moral responsibility to ensure that the 13th Amendment is fully implemented and also ensure that Sri Lanka goes beyond that.

The JHU has participated in the provincial council system and have a minister too in the Western Provincial Council. The JVP too has participated in this system when Minister Wimal Weerawansa was a member of the JVP. It is therefore hypocritical for both to now object to the provincial council system only to deny the Tamil People of the North the opportunity to participate in it.he said.

Author: TELO Media Team 1