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Rajapaksa Government is discussing an alternate plan

The Mahinda Rajapaksa Government is discussing an alternate plan in the event that it is unable to pass the amendment to the 13th Amendment it is contemplating.

This is due to reports it has received that the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress and the left parties would not support the amendment.

According to sources, the SLMC’s delegates’ conference had decided last year that the party should not support and negative changes to the 13th Amendment. “We are bound by the decision of the delegates’ conference” an SLMC official told Colombo Telegraph on the condition of anonymity.

On Saturday, the Central Committee of the Communist Party decided not to support the amendment and on Sunday, the Central Committee of the Lanka Sama Samaja Party also decided similarly.

although the Government rushed the Registration of Electors (Special Provisions) Bill through the Supreme Court and the Bill was to be tabled as an urgent Bill last week, it was instead referred to a standing committee.

If the Government is unable to obtain a two-thirds majority, three voters of the Northern Province (a Tamil, a Sinhalese and a Muslim) are expected to challenge the holding of elections to the Northern Provincial Council. The Government is confident that the Supreme Court would issue a stay order preventing the holding of an election.

The election would then be postponed until the CHOGM Conference is over

Author: TELO Media Team 1