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MRI finds youth weighing 185 Kgs

A 24-year-old youth was found to have a body weight of 185 kgs, when he arrived at the Medical Research Institute (MRI) to participate in its weight reducing programme, launched recently, for overweight and obese persons.

The youth was among the 800 persons who went to the MRI for training. According to MRI sources, the young man had been fed junk food by his parents for 20 years.

Health Ministry media spokesman W. M. Wanninayaka told The Island that the MRI commenced a training programme last week to help overweight and obese persons to lose excess fat. The response was positive and over 800 persons from different parts of the country had come to the MRI. It was shocking that among 800 persons; about 60 to 70 percent of them were above 150 kg. The weighing machines in the MRI were unable to weigh them as the scales of the MRI had a capacity to weigh only up to 150 kgs.

MRI Director Dr. Anil Samaranayaka said that excess weight and obesity had become a national problem. The persons suffering from obesity and excess weight were liable to contract non-communicable diseases. Diabetes, hypertension and many forms of cancers were raising their ugly heads once again. Many people were in the habit of consuming junk food or fast food for convenience, but they were not aware of the consequences that followed. The training programmes that were commenced would be able to help reduce excess weight and obesity in the near future, he claimed.

Author: TELO Media Team 1