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SLMC betrays Muslim community: Azath Salley

With only two days away for the nominations for the 3 provincial council elections, Muslim civil society organization and religious groups are concerned about the stand that the three main Muslim political parties are going to take on this election.The Eastern provincial council election has become crucial for the Tamil parties as well as for the government, in view of the fact that both sides are trying to impress upon the International community through this election that the Eastern Province is with either party.However, the fact that this election is more crucial for the same purpose for the Muslim community who constitutes 42 percent as the numerically largest community in the east is not lost on Muslim civil society groups. The international dimension to this election is manifested by the pre-mature dissolution of this council timing for the Geneva meeting.It was unanimously agreed that all three parties should contest the forth coming provincial elections as a separate group.Since Hon. Rauf Hakeem was not present at the meeting, it was also decided that the representatives of the Muslim council meet with Hon. Rauf Hakeem on the following day, in order to appraise him of the agreement reached at the above meeting. Subsequently, the representatives of the Muslim council, met him in order to convey the agreement where they were informed by Hon. Hakeem.

Author: TELO Admin