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World War 3 has ’51 per cent’ chance to break out before NEXT SUMMER

North Korea have sparked ongoing fears of World War 3 because of the rogue state’s determination to build and test its arsenal of deadly nuclear weapons.

US President Donald Trump has engaged in a fiery war of words with North Korea’s despot leader Kim Jong-un, leaving experts to ponder on whether a genuine war is really possible.

Speaking to MSNBC’s Richard Engel, a retired four-star general revealed he believes there is a “51 per cent” chance of a war involving North Korea breaking out before “next summer”.

Summing up the interviewee’s comments, Engel said: “We are talking about the possibility of a nuclear war in our lifetimes, or at least a conventional war that could spread across Asia.

“What are the chances of this actually happening? Well, a retired four-star general told me he thinks there’s a 51 per cent of war with North Korea before next summer.”

Barry McCaffrey, the retired four-star general in question, added: “We are actually dealing with a potential outcome by next summer of all-out war – with millions displaced, hundreds of thousands killed and wounded.

“There are military options, they’re all bad.

“If we went in with a massive, conventional air and sea attack, aimed at their nuclear capacity, we’d get 95 per cent of it in the first 72 hours.

“But, we wouldn’t get all of it! Or, we wouldn’t be sure. And, that would probably trigger a very high-intensity conflict on the Korean peninsula.

“The consequences of us attacking North Korea first would be dire.”

A serving United States Senator has warned North Korea “will” use its weapons against the United States and the rest of the world if left to their own devices.

Cory Gardner said: “If your kids are around the table and they are throwing food around at each other, do you just sit back and say ‘I’m going to strategically wait until they stop’.

“What we get with patience is a nuclear programme in North Korea.

“What we got with patience is a launching of ballistic missiles.

“If people believe they can trust Kim Jong-un, he said he would use his weapons, I believe him.”

Author: TELO Media Team 1