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TELO could not be any more a co-traveller with the ITAK

They say it is bad luck for Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi (ITAK) for to have TELO deciding to leave the TNA coalition’

Already EPRLF led by Suresh Premachandran – a Tamil militant group has left the IATK. There is one more militant group – PLOTE still there – undecided.

Yesterday evening, the third meeting regarding the seat arrangements for the forthcoming local government bodies in the Tamil areas of the North and East was considered.

The meeting was held at the ITAK party office, located at the Martin Road in Jaffna.

At the meeting, according to reliable sources, ITAK was not prepared for any of those requests put forward by the two Tamil militant groups.

The PLOTE asked in the Jaffna district, the chairmanship of four local bodies -Valikamam East (Kopay), Valikamam South (Chunnakam), Valikamam SouthWest (Manipay) Valikamam West (Chulipuram).

But, ITAK has said that they were prepared to give only the leadership of Valikamam SouthWest (Manipay).

In Kilinochchi, ITAK MP S. Sritharan wanted three Pradeshiya Sabahs in the region for ITAK. For this demand, though TELO agreed, PLOTE demanded Pachilaipalli (Palai) Pradeshiya Sabah for them.

In the Mullaitivu district, the three Pradeshiya Sabahas, including Karai Thurai Pattu for the ITAK and they were prepared to part with the leadership of the remaining one sabah, either for PLOTE or TELO to have it. For this proposition both TELO and PLOTE vehemently opposed.

In the Batticaloa district, out of the 9 Pradeshiya Sabah, leaving aside those two Sabahas coming under the Muslim control, ITAK demanded to have the leadership of four local bodies, including the municipality and prepared to allocate balance three councils to PLOTE and TELO. But both the two militant groups opposed it too.

Anyhow, the two groups agreed to give the leadership role to ITAK in the Trincomalee Urban Council.

In the Jaffna District, TELO agreed to leave Delft to ITAK and demanded either one of the Council’s – Nallur or Kopay, for them. But ITAK backtracked to that suggestion.

Regarding Mannar it was decided to consider at a later stage.

At about 8 in the evening, representatives of PLOTE and TELO announced, that as there was no consensus of opinion and left the meeting venue for another day.

Mavai Senathirajah MP, ITAK Secretary General Thurairajasingham, S.Sritharan MP, Ms. Santhi Sriskantharajah MP, Sivamohan MP, CVK Sivangnam, Chairman, Northern Provincial Council, Deputy Chairman of the Council Kamaleswaran, Former Ministers of Northern Provincial Council – T. Kurukularajah & P. SAthiyalingham and former Eastern Provincial Council Minister Thandayuthapani participated on behalf of ITAK, in yesterday’s meeting.

On the side of TELO, its Secretary General and former parliamentarian N.Sri Kantha, Former MPs Jana Karunakaran, Vinonoharalingham, Former Eastern Provincial Assembly Deputy Chairman Prasanna Indrakumar, and the Northern Provincial Councilor Vinthan Kanagaratnam- participated in the meeting.

On behalf of PLOTE, its leader T.Sitharthan MP and the Northern Provincial Council Minister Sivanesan (Pavan) participated in the meeting.

TELO Decides to leave ITAK

In the meantime, the 21 member presidium council of TELO met yesterday night, at 10 PM, at Vavuniya, at its office and by 1.30 AM, it has concluded that, TELO could not be any more a co-traveller with the ITAK in the Tamil National Alliance hence, decided to leave and join forces with the other like-minded Tamil organizations.

A four member committee of the TELO – Former MPs Jana Karunakaran Vinonoharalingham, M.K. Sivajilingham and also Prasanna Indrakumar were appointed to discuss and explore possibilities of joining hands with other like-minded Tamil groups.

The TELO delegation has already held discussions with EPRLF and also with TULF and planned to negotiate with PLOTE, prior to coming up with their decisions at their proposed presidium meeting in Jaffna, this evening.

Author: TELO Admin