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Naming 8,689 LG Members Gazette out on 3 March 535 females elected 1,500 through addl lists

The 8,689 members, elected at the recently held Local Authority elections, will be announced through a Gazette Notification on 3 March, the Election Commission told a media briefing yesterday (22).

The Elections Commission has written to all secretaries of political parties and independent group leaders to submit a list of all members who were elected, on or before 3 March.

Chairman of the Election Commission Mahinda Deshapriya noted that if this deadline is exceeded, the establishment of the Local Authorities will be postponed further. He also announced that 535 female members have been elected to their respective Local Bodies.

While the number of the elected female candidates is 10 per cent of all candidates, Deshapriya noted the remaining 15 per cent will be appointed through the additional list. Accordingly, around 1,500 female members will be appointed through additional lists. This, Deshapriya claimed, will be the responsibility of the political parties and the independent groups.

He noted: “All Local Bodies except Elpitiya, were supposed to elect 8,325 members. However, 363 members are currently overhung. Therefore, the number of all members now stands at 8,689, out of which 5,075 have been elected. The remaining 3,614 will be appointed through the additional lists.”

Furthermore, he noted that except for less than10 Local Authorities, the remaining Bodies have no issue in appointing female representatives.

“For example, in Manmaneipaththu-Tirukkovil in the Batticaloa District, Kadugannawa in the Kandy District this issue has arisen. We cannot force them to appoint female members. But we will advise and inform them to appoint female members in order to increase and encourage female representation in politics.”

Author: TELO Admin