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Why did Sajith reject premiership?

Speaking at a media briefing in Colombo, Sajith Premadasa stressed that the people voted for them to ensure good governance prevailed.

He continued to say that the objective was for the President and the Prime Minister to move forward together adding that he as a Minister never aimed at achieving any personal gains from whatever development drives that were initiated.

Premadasa went onto note that he had always worked towards maintaining the unity within the Government and that in governance there needs to be a set of ethics and policies that should be followed.

He said that he did not have any intention of seeking positions at a time when there was already a leader in the party adding that he always worked towards maintaining good relationships between the two leaders.

Further, Sajith Premadasa added that he and Karu Jayasuriya carried themselves in a democratic, ethical and civilized manner and that he believes the stance taken by both of them was the correct thing to do.

Author: TELO Admin