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Sri Lanka TNA tells President their decisions cannot be reversed

Sri Lanka’s main Tamil party, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has told the President Maithripala Sirisena that the decisions taken by the party cannot be reversed and the TNA will stand by those decisions.

A TNA delegation comprising its leader, R. Sampanthan Leader, TELO Leader MPs Selvam Adaikalanathan,PLOTE Leader D. Siddharthan MP, and TNA Spokesman M.A. Sumanthiran, on the invitation of the President Maithripala Sirisena met with him at the Presidential Secretariat on Wednesday, November 7, 2018.

During the meeting which lasted one and half hours, the situation currently prevailing in the country was discussed at length, TNA said in a statement.

The President has explained to the TNA delegation the circumstances under which certain decisions were made.

The TNA delegation explained to the President the reasons for the decisions that have been made by the TNA and its members of Parliament, which decisions had been made public and are well known to the country and the world.

The TNA delegation also explained to the President that the decisions taken by the TNA cannot be reversed and that the TNA will stand by the said decisions.

The TNA delegation also specifically told the President that in consultation with the President it would extend to the President its fullest support with regard to any future steps taken by him to stabilize the political situation in the country with the cooperation of all political parties. To enable this to be achieved at the earliest the TNA also urged the President to convene Parliament for a date earlier than now contemplated.

The President has stated that he would give his earnest consideration to this request.

Author: TELO Admin