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JVP alleges Dayan backed Oct. 26 ‘coup’

Concerns regarding the conduct of Sri Lankan Ambassador to Russia Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka had been raised during a recent meeting of the Committee on High Posts, JVP MP Bimal Rathnayake told Parliament yesterday.

Participating in the debate on Regulations under the Diplomatic Privileges Act, MP Rathnayake said that Dr. Jayatilleka’s conduct as an Ambassador was highly questionable.

“Dr. Jayatilleka may have the right academic qualifications., but he acts more like a political campaigner than a political scientist. His conduct clearly shows that. When his name was brought up before the Committee on High Posts questions were raised whether it was correct to appoint a person like him as an Ambassador. The Committee discussed whether he could fulfil his duties as a diplomat without causing a conflict of interest with his political campaigns.”

MP Ratnayake added that after the Committee’s lengthy discussions, Speaker Karu Jayasuriya had advised Dr. Jayatilleka to stick to the agreement with the Foreign Affairs Ministry before approving his name as the Sri Lanka Ambassador to Russia.

However, Dr. Jayatilleka still carried out his political campaigns despite these advises, the JVP MP said. “When the Constitutional Coup on 26 October 2016 happened, Dr. Jayatilleka supported it. A diplomat cannot behave like that. This is a violation of Parliamentary privileges. The Committee on High Posts, during its recent meeting discussed about this.”

Now, the Foreign Affairs Minister should investigate and find out whether Dr. Jayatilleka has acted according to the agreement with the Ministry and submit a report to Parliament about that investigation.

Author: TELO Admin