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Behind every underworld leader, there’s a politician: Gammanpila

Similar to the saying ‘there is a strong woman behind every successful man’, there is a political leader behind every underworld leader, MP Udaya Gammanpila said today.

Responding to a question at the weekly Pivithuru Hela Urumaya (PHU) news briefing, MP Gammanpila said regardless of the status or the political party they belonged to, politicians must be brought to books if they back underworld figures or activities.

“No underworld can sustain without the backing and support of politician and the protection of the police. There is always a politician behind each underworld leader. Without any differences, action should be taken against politicians if they back the underworld,” he said.

He also criticised Minister Lakshman Kiriella for faulting the media over inability to bring down Makandure Madush from Dubai, UAE.

“The Minister said Madush could have been brought to Sri Lanka similar to how Sri Lanka brought Kumaran Padmanadan (KP) from Malaysia. KP is not someone who committed crimes in Malaysia. Therefore, he was sent to Sri Lanka the minute the request was made. However, Madush is someone who had committed crimes in both Sri Lanka and the UAE. Therefore, it is not that simple to bring him to Sri Lanka,” MP Gammanpila said.

Author: TELO Admin