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MR denies ditching SLFP

Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapaksa said he has not left the SLFP and will continue to remain a member. Referring to the power crisis in the country, Rajapaksa said one of the main reasons for the power crisis was the present regime’s abrupt cancellation of policies formulated by his government. He said that through the purchase of electricity at a higher cost, those selling it also stand to gain.

The Opposition Leader made these comments during the setting up of the Hambantota District Branch of the Freedom-Artistes Alliance at Carlton House in Tangalle, on 11 April.

Rajapaksa said many were questioning him as to whether he had resigned from the SLFP. He asserted that he has not ditched the SLFP for any other political party.

He told the gathering of artistes, “When the SLFP tied- up with the UNP, we decided to move to the Opposition to form a government. Famous politicians of the SLFP in the past, such as former Premier S. W. R. D. Bandaranaike and D. A. Rajapaksa came out of the UNP and were instrumental along with a few others to form the SLFP. When some members of the SLFP joined hands with the UNP, we were left with no alternative but to move to the Opposition. It was under such circumstances that a new political party called the SLPP was created. There was a need for a strong political force like the SLPP. After emerging as a strong third political force, it turned out the outright winner at the 2018 LG poll.”

Author: TELO Admin