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Excavations begin at Mullivaikkal where bones were found

The excavations at the beach at Mullaitivu, Mullivaikkal,where human bones were found along with parts of LTTE uniforms, were commenced yesterday (21 May) under the supervision of Mullaitivu Magistrate S. Lenin Kumara.

The excavations were commenced following a complaint lodged with Police stating that human bones and parts of LLTE uniforms were found at a coastal land owned by a fisheries’ union in Mullivaikka, reports Police.

The Police further stated that the bones are to be investigated by officials attached to Jaffna Hospital.

An ID tag was found by the skeletal remains of an LTTE cadre, which was discovered close to the Sri Lankan military’s 681 Brigade camp in Mullivaikkal on May 17.

The tag, reading “த.வி.பு ஐ 2719” and believed to belong to a member of the LTTE’s intelligence wing, was uncovered yesterday during the presence of Mullaitivu district judge, Lennin Kumar.

According to statistics provided by governmental and non-governmental organisations, large number of individuals including army soldiers and members of LTTE have died in Mullivaikkal towards the end of the war.

The skeletal remains have been sent for forensic analysis and include visible bony fragments and dentition, the remnants of an LTTE uniform, belt, hand grenade and a capsule of cyanide.

Workers made the discover last week as they carried out excavation work on land belonging to the local Fishermen’s Association, a day before Tamils gathered to the area to remember the 10th anniversary of the massacre that took place at the end of armed conflict.

Author: TELO Admin