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SL sign agreement to send unlimited skilled workers to Japan

An agreement will be signed by the Sri Lankan and Japanese governments tomorrow (19), enabling Sri Lanka to send an unlimited number of skilled workers to Japan for a period of 10 years, monitoring MP for the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment, Manusha Nanayakkara, said today.

He said that the agreement will be signed in Japan by the Minister of Telecommunications and Foreign Employment and Sports, Harin Fernando.

Addressing the media, he said that Sri Lanka was among nine countries given the opportunity to send skilled workers to Japan and that skilled workers in 14 categories will be able to obtain unlimited employment opportunities in the country as a result of the agreement.

Accordingly, those in the healthcare, building, cleaning management, machine parts and tooling industries, industrial machinery industries, electric/electronic and information industries, construction, shipbuilding and ship machinery industries, automobile and repair maintenance, aviation industry, accommodation industry, agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture, manufacture of food and beverages and food service industries will be able to find work in Japan.

MP Nanayakkara said an expert team from Japan will be arriving in Sri Lanka to share their technical knowledge with our skilled workers.

“This is a big opportunity for Sri Lanka. This is not an agreement with a private company. This is an agreement between two governments. Qualified and skilled workers will have the opportunity to work in Japan and earn a substantial salary. Currently, the SLBFE is only sending care workers to Japan. We believe that after the agreement is signed Sri Lankan workers can be sent to work in Japan free of charge,” he said.

The MP, however, requested the public to be vigilant over racketeers who may attempt to obtain money from members of the public who wish to work in Japan, claiming that they could get jobs for them in Japan.

Author: TELO Admin