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Who will SLFP support in the upcoming Presidential Election?

The SLFP does not agree with the symbol of the SLPP, and the SLPP don’t seem to be willing to give up their symbol. Therefore, many politicians were questioned as to who would the SLFP support at the Presidential Election.

When questioned if the SLFP’s concern about the symbol would have an impact on forming an alliance, the spokesperson for the Presidential Candidate Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Keheliya Rambukwella noted that they agree with the fundamental principles in coming together. He believes that the issue over the symbol is raised based on the need of another and that this is an attempt to move towards something which would never happen. He pointed out that the flower-bud is now a brand in the country, therefore some may have desires to destroy it.

Journalists questioned UPFA MP Bandula Gunawardena if he thinks the request to change the symbol of the flower bud can be justified? The parliamentarian noted that there is no justification for it, as a simple example is all of these parties contested under their own symbols for the Homagama Meetiyawatha electorate, which is my electorate. He noted that the result, a majority of the residents of Homagama voted for the flower bud – 81,000 votes. He pointed out that it shows the confidence the people have in the SLPP, therefore when their total lot of 100,000 votes include 81,000 votes from the flower bud symbol, as their public representative he cannot agree with it.

Author: TELO Admin