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Sajith says he will appoint a new Prime Minister when elected

Sri Lanka’s ruling party presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa today (Nov 7) said once elected to the top post he would appoint a “new Prime Minister” who commands the confidence of Parliament.

“I want to clarify the conditions I set for my candidacy with you so I don’t leave any doubt in anyone’s mind about my intentions to change the politics in this country,” the New Democratic Front (NDF) candidate said in a special address to the nation.

“As soon as I’m appointed President, a new Prime Minister who commands the confidence of Parliament will also be appointed. Sri Lanka will have a new first-time Prime Minister who will be endorsed by the majority,” he said.

The NDF candidate pledged not to appoint any individual accused of corruption in his ministerial cabinet and emphasized that he would appoint a cabinet comprising young and skilled individuals who are not corrupt and can publicly declare their assets and liabilities, during his term in office.

“Those who have achieved excellence will play a key role in the destiny of our country. It will not be a coterie of businessmen. Openness, transparency and meritocracy will prevail,” he said.

Premadasa said he will take steps as soon as possible to conduct a fair parliamentary election and appoint a new stable government.

“By 2025 Sri Lanka will be peaceful, stable, enjoy shared prosperity, have an export-driven economy, embrace the digital revolution. It will have a young, capable team of policy administrators. But most of all, it will be a country where everyone has a smile,” the presidential candidate said.

Author: TELO Admin