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Wijeweera’s son to enter politics

The son of Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) Founder Rohana Wijeweera told reporters that he is ready to enter politics.

Uvindu Wijeweera said he is ready to come forward to serve the country.

However, he said he will not necessarily enter politics through a Marxist party.

“Even though I am Wijeweera’s son, I know that I have no right over the JVP. The rights to the party lie with the people who engage in politics through the party. Likewise, the JVPers have no right to tell me to refrain from entering politics,” Wijeweera added.

Asked which political ideology he will follow, Wijeweera said, “I don’t call myself a strict follower of Marxism as I am more inclined toward Buddhist cultural values. However, I hope to bring a new approach to Marxism by inculcating modern world thinking. ”

Author: TELO Admin