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RW presents proposals in attempts to protect current economy

The Leader of the United National Party, Ranil Wickremesinghe, made a statement today (April 5). In his statement he says:

“The other major industry that needs our attention is the banking industry. It is very important to protect this sector. We must take forward this sector, protecting it from collapsing. We must also protect those involved in the sector. In considering this, it is important that we work in a manner that put greater emphasis on tomorrow, than today.”

He further went onto say:

“Thus, I place before economy related proposals. The first is to amend the Vote on Account to suit the current situation as the previously passed Vote on Account will not be sufficient. The second is that we must take the maximum from the packages offered by the International Monetary Fund. The International Monetary Fund is set to announce their relief packages in mid-April. The third is to consider the future and create a broader economic plan to cover the sectors I mentioned. I have made these proposals as the measures taken by the Central Bank do not suffice. I urge the government to take such steps, and to also inform the public of the same. The people currently suffering at the hands of the Coronavirus, need not suffer at the hands of the Economic Virus”

Author: TELO Admin