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Don’t allow propaganda in sacred places-PAFFREL

Election monitoring body the People’s Action of Free and Fair Election has requested religious leaders and individuals in-charge of places of worship to refrain from allowing election propaganda activities from taking place in religious places.

Issuing a statement PAFFREL said it is crucial to ensuring the conduct of a free and fair election.

Engaging in election propaganda activities in places of religious worship is a violation of the Parliamentary Election Act of No.1 of 1981.

PAFFREL noted that according to the Elections Act individuals found guilty of this offence face a Rs.500 fine or a six-month prison sentence or both.

A candidate found guilty of this charge will also be banned from contesting an election for seven years or will not be allowed to cast ballot at elections during the seven years.

The Election Commission directed a letter to political party secretaries and independents groups on the 29th of June containing the election provisions and regulations.

Author: TELO Admin