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Use vote for a clean Parliament -AKD

Leader of the National People’s Power Anura Kumara Dissanayake has urged the public to use their vote for a clean Parliament that will not be subject to public criticism.

Speaking at a public gathering in Moratuwa today Dissanayake said there are three major factors, for public criticism towards Parliament.

He noted that among the three reasons is the lack of respect to Parliament policies and that Members of Parliament lack loyalty and integrity.

Citing another reason Dissanayake said a group that reviews, understands, expresses opinions and is invested in passing laws on public matters is required in the Legislature.

Thirdly he charged that Parliament has become a den of thieves, adding therefore that if an honest and effective Parliament is to be sworn in, a majority of the National Peoples Power should be voted in.

He therefore called on the public to fulfill their civic duty.

Author: TELO Admin