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No social distancing at election meetings -CaFFE

The Campaign for Free and Fair Election says a majority of political parties do not practice social distancing, in the least by a centimetre, during election meetings, despite the risk of COVID-19 still prevalent in the country.

CaFFE said despite health guidelines issued stating face masks must be worn and social distancing must be maintained during campaigning for the upcoming Parliamentary Election, most candidates continue to disregard health guidelines and carry out election activities.

CaFFE added that although the COVID-19 outbreak has been controlled to a certain extent, it may spread once again due to the careless actions of the public, and reiterated that it is the responsibility of all citizens to avoid another outbreak.

CaFFE noted the public also has an opportunity to respond to candidates who disregard people’s safety and only think of their victory at the election, when they cast their ballot at the polls.

Author: TELO Admin