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Sri Lanka’s ruling party rules out forming broader alliance with other parties

National Organizer of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna, Basil Rajapaksa yesterday ruled out the SLPP will form a broader alliance with other political parties if the party fails to secure a two thirds majority in the Aug.5 General Elections but remained confident that a majority would be achieved through the votes if the people wanted a constitutional change.

Addressing the final media briefing before the General Election yesterday, Rajapaksa said that if the SLPP wins the upcoming polls, they will look at bringing in a stronger constitution as the existing 19th amendment was full of flaws.
“Unfortunately now the whole structure of the constitution has changed. We have to have one solid constitution which suits our country. Different parts of the constitutions need to be changed,” Rajapaksa said.
“In the 19th amendment it says the cabinet should be limited to 30 but there is another clause within this amendment which allows anyone to violate it and have a larger cabinet,” Rajapaksa said.

“If we feel we should limit our cabinet to 30 or less then the clauses have to be strict and there should be no loopholes where others can violate it. We will be able to get two third majority because if the people want a good, solid constitution, they should give us the two thirds majority,” he added.

When questioned by newsin.asia as to what the SLPP would do if they fail to gain the majority in Parliament, Rajapaksa said the party was not going to form an alliance with other parties as there were atleast 4 MPs in the Parliament who were supporting the SLPP alliance but were contesting under another symbol.

“For example in Jaffna there is an MP who is not contesting under our symbol but he is ready to support us. So we are confident we will have enough support,” he said.

Author: TELO Admin