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Counting to commence at 7 or 8 am on 6th Aug

The National Election Commission says the counting of ballots of the 2020 General Election will commence at either 0700 or 0800 on Thursday, the 6th of August, after proper notification to authorized agents and independent group leaders.

The Gazette Notification was issued by the Commission bearing the signatures of Chairman of the Election Commission Mahinda Deshapriya and Commission Members NJ Abeysekere and S Ratnajeevan Hoole.

The Commission decided to appoint two agents each from a party or group for each receiving hall to monitor the receiving of ballot boxes on Wednesday, whilst it was also determined to appoint two persons each to the polling districts to remain at counting premises, on Wednesday night.

Meanwhile the NEC will also appoint a number of agents as specified in the schedule from each party or group for an ordinary counting hall in the respective electoral district to monitor the first stage box count, the second stage party count and the third stage preference count of the counting process.

Moreover, the Gazette Notification said under stage three, the preference counting will commence with the party or group that obtains the highest number of votes in the counting centre and that only the political party agents of which preferences are counted will be permitted to remain in the hall.

Thereafter the agents whose preferences will be counted next can enter the hall on the request of the Chief Counting Officer.

Finally the Commission said preferences of parties or groups that do not secure a seat from the respective electoral district will not be counted, adding that upon the announcement by the Returning Officer of the parties or groups that have secured seats, agents who have not secured seats must leave the counting premises.

Author: TELO Admin