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‘New Cabinet to decide on reopening airports’

Vice President of Airport and Aviation Services Sri Lanka Rajeev Sooriyarachchi says the decision on reopening the airport for tourists, will be taken following the appointment of the new Cabinet.

Speaking to NewsRadio Sooriyarachchi said the current quarantine mechanism will remain the same even if the airport is opened for all arrivals.

However, he noted that discussions will be held with health authorities to determine the duration of quarantine for arrivals after the reopening of the airport.

Sooriyarachchi said tourists visiting the country will not be keen on undergoing 14 days of mandatory quarantine.

He added that since the 31st of July expatriates have been returning to the country with two flights arriving at the Mattala and Bandaranaike International Airports daily.

He claimed that those presently arriving in the country are Lankan expatriates and students pursuing studies overseas.

Author: TELO Admin