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Tamil diaspora group meets Gota

A 22 member delegation of Tamil diaspora which comprised mostly the individuals who were one time LTTE supporters abroad were assured by the Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa that the government was committed towards enhancing the lives of the Tamils in the war hit areas and addressing the humanitarian issues which remain unsettled.The meeting between the Tamil diaspora delegation and the Defence Secretary took place at the Defence Ministry a couple of days ago and the discussions were cantered around the humanitarian issues pertaining to rehabilitation and resettlement in the North and East.The diaspora delegation which met the Defence Secretary comprised individuals from Australia, France, UK, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway. The delegation was in Sri Lanka on the invitation of the North- East Rehabilitation and Development Organization (NERDO) led by former coordinator of the LTTE’s international network Kumaran Pathmanathan (KP).During the discussions the delegate members expressed their views on the Tamil detainees and on the shortcomings on humanitarian issues in the North and East, sources said.The Defence Secretary responding to the comments made by the delegation said there were adverse campaigns that have been carried out in foreign countries against the Government’s post-war development programs. “The government needs support from the expatriates to heal the wounds of war. A large number of Internally Displaced Persons have been resettled in their original places. Hundreds of ex-LTTE cadres have been rehabilitated and handed over, back to their families,” the Defence Secretary said.He urged the Diaspora delegation to enlighten Tamils living abroad about the post-war development programs carried out by the Lankan Government.The delegation was taken to various centres where the ex-LTTE cadres are being rehabilitated.The delegation of Diaspora had visited some of the orphanages which were set up after the war ended in the Wanni.

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