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Writers demand Tamil Nadu govt’s intervention for early release of Jayapalan

Eminent writers, poets and journalists have demanded the intervention of the Tamil Nadu government for the release of poet and actor V I S Jayapalan who has been detained by the Sri Lankan government for allegedly violating visa rules.

In their petition, writers like D Ravikumar, S V Rajadurai, Indira Parthasarathy, Kovai Gnani and Ambai, poet Cheran, actor Sivakumar and MLA MH Jawahirulla urged the state government to take steps for the early release of Jayapalan.

Though Jayapalan was born in Sri Lanka, he is now a Norwegian citizen.

When contacted, Jayapalan said his friends have been trying to get him out of detention. “I hope a positive development would come in a couple of days. My friends and well-wishers have been working for my early release,” Jayapalan told TOI over phone. Authorities have allowed him to attend phone calls and to use the internet.

Jayapalan’s nephew N Ramanan shared the worries of his family. “He did not violate any rules. He was detained when he was on his way to pay homage to his mother at her graveyard in Vadakadu in Mullaitivu district. His mother died in 2006 and father died in 2008, but my uncle was not able to attend the last rites due to the war. This is the first time he had visited the place,” Ramanan said.

He alleged that the lands belonging to Jayapalan’s family in Vadakadu was in army’s control. “That may be a reason for the detention. The army would have tried to intimidate him by detaining him,” he added.

Meanwhile, well-wishers and activists have floated online campaigns for his release.

Author: TELO Media Team 1