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Govt. does not have the courage to investigate ‘Hula’; PM should retire

Although the government is not revealing the identity of ‘Hula’, he has questioned the manner in which he is being treated now despite his service during war times, UNP MP Ajith P. Perera stated.

He said that everyone knows who ‘Hula’ is when talking about the Salaka gambling den which was raided in Colombo but that the government’s only response to this was to shut down the Media Centre for National Security and reduce the powers of the person in question.

Perera claimed that the President had the duty to implement the law in this regard and that the government can only absolve itself by divulging all information about ‘Hula’to the Bribery Commission.

He added that the government does not have the courage to publicly identify the character named ‘Hula’ and to start a criminal investigation into him.

Speaking at a press conference held today (December 13) in Colombo, the UNP MP cited the recent controversy concerning the Coordinating Secretary to the Prime Minister writing a letter to free a container from Customs, which was later found to contain a large shipment of heroin. He questioned as to whether the Customs now operates on the directions of politicians.

Perera said that the Prime Minister himself has claimed that there are those in parliament who are connected to the drug trade and that in this context it is inexcusable that the Prime Minister’s office has had any involvement in this matter.

He stated that in no way is he suggesting that the Prime Minister had a hand in this matter but argued that he should retire from his post immediately as his Coordinating Secretary was involved in it.

Author: TELO Media Team 1