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Crude oil thrown towards newly constructe​d Chunnagam Pradeshiya Sabaha building

Crude oil attack carried out against newly constructed Chunnagam Pradeshiya Saba building at 2.30 am this morning.According to the Chunnagam Pradeshiyasabaha sources this alleged attack carried out where the event organisers fails to invite high ranking officials from the Jaffna district and decided to open the building with the participation of general public.At present steps are been taken to wash the crude oil thrown towards the building.A group of individuals arrive with the weapons carried out crude oil attack against newly constructed Pradeshiya Sabaha building at Uduvil area Walaigamam South.This group has tied the hands of the security personals deployed in the area and threw crude oil on the walls of the building at 2.30 am this morning.More than fifteen individuals arrive from the motor bike and white van has warned the security personals in the gun point, they also tied the hands, legs and face of these security personals.It was revealed suspects have taken away the mobile phone and national ID card of these security personals.They also thrown crude oil towards bodies of these security personal and later on throw the crude oil towards newly constructed Pradeshiya sabaha building.However with the support of area residents security personals have informed the chairman on this issue.Chairman of the Chunnagam Pradeshiya Sabaha T.Prakas rushed to the location and lodged complaint at the Chunnagan police station. Police officers hold investigations against the security personals.Meanwhile governor of the Northern Province ordered to Chairman to hand over the building towards deputy district election commissioner. On last Wednesday deputy election commissioner arrived to take over all responsibilities of the building. However chairman strongly stated its unable to hand over the building towards them due to this tenders once again hand over the power of building towards Prasedhiya Sabaha chairman.On this time deputy election commissioner warned security personals of the northern governor has provided special security for me due to this I’m not fear for any one.Chunnagam police hold brief investigations on crude oil attack.Supporters of the EPDP and the members of the army intelligence unit have thrown crude oil towards newly constructed building.In the building suspects written “ We do not want TNA” and fled from the area.

Author: TELO Admin