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Fake appointment letters issued in the Northern Province

In the name of Northern Province 15 fake appointment letters issued for the post of Peoples Coordinator at the Thelipalai Kattuwan area yesterday.

Personal Secretary of the Northern Province Manmadharasa said that CM did not issued such appointment letters.

S.Dhanuban, introducing himself as the coordinator of the Northern Province involved in the fraud activity.

Suspect has earlier revealed Northern CM will issue appointment letters to relevant parties. However later on he said that appointment letters would be issue at 3.00 pm in the Thelipalai.

Appointment letter was not typed in the letterhead of Northern Province and it did not included the CM’s rubber stamp.

People obtain the appointment letters were suspicious over this activity and informed Northern Provincial Council members this regard.

Northern Provincial Council members rushed to the sited and conduct investigations this regard.

Author: TELOMedia