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Longest ballot paper: Balls, flags and what not!

Ballot papers to be issued to voters in Ampara, Batticaloa and Trincomalee Districts on September 8 will be the longest at the forthcoming provincial council elections. Ampara and Batticaloa District voters will be issued with a ballot paper two feet and four inches in length while the Trincomalee voters will have one with just two inches shorter than the former.There are 16 political parties and 18 independent groups in each district in Ampara and Batticaloa while Trincomalee will have 16 political parties and same number of independent groups.Postal voting will be held tomorrow (Monday) and the day after for all three provincial councils and unlike on previous occasions, those eligible postal voters who fail to cast their votes at the designated centers on the said two days could cast their votes at the office of the Assistant Commissioner in their respective districts until 4 p.m. on September 8, the day of the elections proper, Election Department sources said As a precautionary measure, postal ballot papers that remain unused on the two designated days would be brought back to the office of the Assistant Commissioner and kept there till September 8.Asked to mention a few symbols other than the traditional betel leaf, elephant, house, tree, and bell an Election Department Official jokingly said, “You name it, we have it” We have balls, flags and what not, he added.

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