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Army corporal in death fast

An Army corporal is on a fast unto death at the Galle train station, protesting his interdiction from work and demanding that he be reinstated. The Army Corporal, Ajith Kumara, who had been in the Army for 18 years was arrested in 2007, while he was engaged in mining activities in him own land.He had been arrested and charged with treasure hunting. Consequent to the arrest, he lost his job, but was reinstated later following an inquiry by the army.However, later he was interdicted. Kumara claims it was on the advice of the Army Commander.Kumara, who claims that stint with the army had left him with a neurological conditions,  he cannot engage in any other job and hence wants his old job back.The Corporal had staged a similar protest previously protest and had been taken to the army camp by some of the officers.  However, there has been no response from the army. Kumara claims he is determined to continue with his fast  until the issue is resolved.

Author: TELO Admin