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India grants Rs 200 million to build 200-bed ward complex in northern Sri Lanka

India has undertaken a project at a cost of 300 million rupees to construct a 200-bed ward complex at the District Hospital of Vavuniya in Sri Lanka’s Northern Province.The Indian High Commission in a release said that the government of India today signed a contract agreement with the M/s Wahid Constructions to build the ward complex as part of its development partnership with Sri Lanka and in response to requirements projected by the Sri Lankan government.The project envisages construction of a four-storey ward complex to improve the existing infrastructure of the hospital to meet the growing demand for better treatment facilities, the statement said.It will be implemented in cooperation with Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Indigenous Medicine, Northern Province, and is expected to be completed by February 2014.The Project for construction of a ward complex at District Hospital, Vavuniya, was submitted by the Ministries of Health and Indigenous Medicine through the Department of External Resources in February 2012.The construction of the 200-bed ward complex at Vavuniya will cater to the medical care needs of in-patients admitted to the Hospital from Vavuniya and adjoining districts.India is also constructing a 150-bed base hospital at Dickoya in the Central Province plantation country at a cost of 1.2 billion rupees which will be fully functional by April 2013.In addition to providing assistance to healthcare projects, India has also been supporting projects for rehabilitation, resettlement and well-being of displaced persons in the Northern Province.

Author: TELO Admin