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Jaffna and Batticaloa journalists are facing threatening

Journalists in the Jaffna and Batticaloa districts face death threatening.

Military personals attack journalists.

Military personals have attacked area correspondent of local weekly newspaper and military personals have damaged his camera.

Military personals have deleted photographs.

Area residents at Valaikamam East informed military personals on landmine at the Iddaikkau area.

Ganeshamoorthi Viyachandana , 27 years old journalist visited the site to collect news report on landmines recovered from the site.

Infront of people military personals have attacked the journalist. During the time of attack victim introduce himself as journalist. However military personals refused to accept his statement and carry out brutal attack against him.

Independent journalist warned

Group of unidentified personals have issued death threatening towards independent journalists R.Thilainayagam. independent journalist filed complaint at the human rights district office at Kalmunai.

Journalist lodged complaint at the Kalmunai police station last week.

For the past several months group of unidentified personals continuously issue death threatening against him. Journalist received anonymous phone calls.

On January 6 two personals arrive to his residence in the motorbike at 7.00 pm issued warning against him.

During the time of incident journalists was not at home and suspects have questioned his wife about his presence. Suspects further noted we have warned him several occasion. Thilainadhan fail to obey us and one day we are forced to kill him.

Thilainadhan lodged complaint at the Kalmunai police station.

Police personals visited his residence and questioned his wife on suspects.

Kalmunai police currently conduct further investigations on these suspects.

Author: TELO Media Team 1