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CaFFE reports increasing violence against SLMC in Akkaraipattu

An increase in election violence against the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) at Akkaraipattu, in the Ampara District has been reported by the Campaign for Free and Fair Election (CaFFE).CaFFE’s Executive Director Kirthi Tennekoon said that during the last four days polls related incidents had increased and a complaint had been lodged with the Elections Commissioner against the Akkairapattu police.He said under the existing circumstances, it was doubtful whether a free and fair election could be held in Akkaraipattu as the people had lost faith in the police, especially as the Senior DIG for Ampara had been moved out of the area. Most of the incidents in Akkaraipattu were due to the rivalry between the SLMC and Minister Athaullah.A teacher’s residence was attacked in Akkaraipattu. The SLMC district office also at Akkaraipattu came under attack. An SLMC meeting was disrupted and a group of 15 masked men were seen pasting posters in front of its office.CaFFE also claimed that the vehicle of SLMC General Secretary Hassan Ali and Parliamentarian H. M. M. Harees had been attacked and badly damaged. Another house of a teacher was attacked in Akkaraipattu by an unidentified group, while 40 women, engaged in a house to house campaign in Eravur, were also attacked by supporters of a UPFA candidate.Samurdhi Development officers had been engaged in the UPFA election campaign in Kalmunai and Nintavur on Saturday (1). The Samurdhi Authorities had summoned all development officers in the Muslim areas of the Ampara District for two meetings in Samanthurai and Akkaraipattu to organize the UPFA campaign in the District, it said.CaFFE reported many incidents from Dehiattakandiya with eight propaganda offices belonging to the JVP, SLMC and UNP attacked.On Saturday (1), offices of the JVP at Kehelulla, Jerankada and Palathuruella were attacked at about 11.30 p.m. while two of the UNP offices were attacked at Pallegama and Padiyathalawa. Three SLMC offices, too, were attacked at Dehittakandiya.CaFFE has recorded 282 election related incidents to-date.

Author: TELO Admin