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Govt. cruises to victory in PC elections

The ruling party UPFA has won the 2012 Eastern, Sabragamuwa and North Central Provincial Council Elections.The TNA won both the Batticaloa and Trincomalee Districts, while the UPFA obtained victory in the Ampara District in the Eastern Province.UPFA also cruised to victory in the Anuradhapura and Pollonaruwa Districts in the North Central Province while, winning in the Kegalle and Ratnapura Districts in the Sabragamuwa Province as well.Thus, UPFA emerged victorious in the 2012 Provincial Council elections by winning in all 3 provinces. Thereby, In the Eastern Province, UPFA has obtained 14 seats after gaining 200, 044 votes,  TNA has secured 11 seats after gaining 193,827 votes, SLMC has obtained 7 seats after gaining 132, 917 votes, UNP has secured 4 seats after gaining 74, 901 votes and NFF has obtained 1 seat after gaining 9,522 votes. Meanwhile, In the North Central Province, UPFA has obtained 21 seats after gaining 338,552 votes, UNP has obtained 11 seats after gaining 196, 127 votes and JVP has secured 1 seat after gaining 16,066 votes. Further more, in the Sabragamuwa Province, UPFA secured 28 seats after gaining 488, 714 votes, UNP obtained 14 seats after gaining 286, 857 votes and the Ceylon Workers Congress has secured 2 seats after gaining 25, 985 votes.

Author: TELO Admin