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Competition for Chief Minister post of Sri Lanka’s North Central PC heats up

The competition for the post of Chief Minister in the North Central Provincial Council of Sri Lanka between two recently elected ruling party councilors is getting heated up as the former Chief Minister has claimed to seek legal redress if the councilor with most votes were to sworn in for the post tomorrow.The former Chief Minister Berty Premalal Dissanayaka says he will go to courts if councilor S.M. Ranjith, who received the most votes, is sworn in Monday.The ruling United People’s Freedom Alliance has announced that the Chief Ministers of the North Central and Sabaragamuwa Provincial Councils will be sworn in on Monday.The ruling party leaders have arranged a special discussion tomorrow between provincial councilors who were recently elected to the North Central PC and party leaders to settle the dispute.General Secretary of the Sri Lanka’s ruling coalition United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) Minister Susil Prema Jayantha says a final decision regarding the top post of the North Central PC would be taken by the President.Dissanayake, who was the Chief Minister for three consecutive terms since 1999, meanwhile has said that 130 out of 150 governing party members in the local governments in the Anuradhapura District are prepared to resign from the respective bodies if he would not be appointed again as Chief Minister.The former CM has threatened to sit independently in the Council and not to accept any ministerial portfolio if S.M. Ranjith is appointed as the Chief Minister.S.M. Ranjith who topped the preferential votes list in the Anuradhapura District on the UPFA ticket with 105,232 votes has vowed to swear in tomorrow as the Chief Minister of North Central Provincial Council.He says that the Governor of the North Central Province should appoint the person who he understands has the majority support of the ruling party councilors.

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