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Japan says resolution not productive

The Japanese Government has said it wants to engage and to encourage the reconciliation process in Sri Lanka and is opposed to Resolutions which are counterproductive.

Japan’s Senior Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs Norio Mitsuya had said this when he met the Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Japan Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda in Japan as a follow up to the recently held Human Rights Council [HRC] session in Geneva.

Ambassador Karannagoda expressed the gratitude of the Government of Sri Lanka to the Government of Japan for abstaining on the vote on the Resolution against Sri Lanka at the HRC, thus demonstrating to the international community Japan’s stand in upholding justice and fair play, the External Affairs Ministry said.

Minister Mitsuya said that Sri Lanka has transcended to the next stage of economic advancement and expressed eagerness to know more about the aspects of development.

Whilst Ambassador Karannagoda explained the dynamics and progress of the reconciliation process as well as economic development, he added that fragments of the LTTE and its supporters domiciled, particularly, in western countries continue to influence the political apparatus of those countries with false propaganda, thus impeding the reconciliation process.

Minister Mitsuya placed on record his appreciation to the Government of Sri Lanka and, particularly, to the Embassy for the assistance extended during the Great East Japan Earthquake in March, 2011. Admiral Karannagoda also stated that the Government and the people of Sri Lanka are most grateful to the Government of Japan for its wide-ranging socio-economic and infrastructural assistance extended, over the last four decades, including in the aftermath of the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004.

Admiral Karannagoda stated that tourism from Japan to Sri Lanka has doubled during the last three years as well as investments, in excess of USD 560 million,were committed by corporates and industries of Japan during the said period, reflecting the potential and the rapid economic trajectory of Sri Lanka. Both the Minister and the Ambassador discussed ways and means to further deepen and widen the existing strong bilateral relations.

Author: TELO Admin