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President hits out at the opposition

President Mahinda Rajapaksa today accused the opposition of working with foreign elements bent on destabilising the country.
Speaking at the SLFP May Day Rally in Colombo today, the President linked the opposition to recent allegations on human rights raised at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.
He said that incidents involving some factories in the country where the police were forced to control angry mobs were part of an opposition attempt to draw international pressure on Sri Lanka through Geneva.
The President however insisted that the Government will not succumb to any international pressure nor will there be room to divide the country.
“We clearly say we will not succumb to any pressure. There is no chance of returning the country back to the dark era,” he said.
Speaking in front of a massive crowd at Borella, the President also noted that politically the only real opposition to the Government is the Government itself.
He said that alliance members of the Government often criticize some decisions taken by the Government in the best interest of the country.
The President said that while those criticisms are respected the opposition simply throws mud at the Government instead of proposing an alternative to address national issues.
He says now the opposition is attempting to overthrow the Government through street protests but he insisted that those attempts will end in failure.
The President also recalled that while several opposition members were allowed to join the Government, some of them had rejoined the opposition and are making the biggest noise.
Author: TELO Admin