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More room should be given in the Eastern Province to the TNA – Says NFF

National Freedom Front member Jayantha Wijesekara, who was elected to the Eastern Provincial council states that more chances need to be given to Tamil public representation in the Eastern provincial council.He further stated that at least the post of deputy chairman of the Eastern Provincial Council should be given to a member of the TNA and he also requested from the government to give more such opportunities in the future.The general secretary of the Tamil National Alliance MP Mawei Senadhiraja states that a group of representatives from the TNA is preparing to embark on a tour of India and that they are planning to start discussions with Indian parliamentary members on the 10th of next month.The group of TNA representatives are embarking on this tour after receiving an invitation from the Indian government.Speaking further the general secretary of the TNA stated that during their stay in India they hope to meet the Indian Premier Man Mohan Singh, representatives of the Bharathiya Janatha party and also Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha Jayaram.He also stated that they plan to engage in discussions regarding the issues faced by the Tamil population as well as the process of finding solutions to the national problem.However when our news team inquired whether they plan on handing a proposal to the Indian Central government the general secretary of the TNA Mawei Senadhiraja stated that the party representatives are planning to meet tomorrow and have discussions regarding this.

Author: TELO Admin