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Fishermen attack Punchinilame

Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development, Susantha Punchinilame, and officials attached to his security squad, were attacked by several fishermen, while the minister was engaged in a ceremony in Kantale, sources said.The minister and his security squad were attacked in the 87 Division, Kantale area on Friday afternoon, after they attended the ceremony which was organized to ladle out fishing equipment among the fishermen of the Kantale Tank.It was reported that the fishermen were motivated by ill will and lost their temper due to the response of the minister, to several questions they raised during the ceremony.Sources said that Secretary to the Minister, Lal Silva, was admitted to the Kantale Base Hospital after being brutally assaulted, as he attempted to protect the minister from being assaulted by the fishermen.However, as the tense situation played out, the Kantale Police who were deployed for security at the ceremony, depressed the crowd and settled the matter, police said.Police Spokesperson, SSP Ajith Rohana, said the minister was not harmed due to the incident. SSP Rohana said two fishermen, who were involved in the scene, were arrested by the Kantale Police.Both fishermen were released on two personal sureties of Rs 5,000 each after they were produced in the Kantale Magistrate’s Court, yesterday.

Author: TELO Admin