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AHRC decries attack on Judicial independence

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) condemns the attack upon the Secretary of the Judicial Services Commission (JSC) of Sri Lanka, Mr. Manjula Thilakarathne.   In a media release today, the AHRC states that ‘yesterday’s physical attack upon the Secretary of the JSC is emblematic of the threats faced by judges in Sri Lanka ever since the 1978 Constitution came into operation. The attack showcases the impunity enjoyed by the assailants upon the country’s judiciary and its independence’.AHRC says that one of the pivotal institutions required to run a constitutional architecture that protects and promotes the rule of law in a country, the judiciary, in Sri Lanka has been publicly assaulted. In a country like Sri Lanka where the public’s perception of their justice institutions is at all time low, an incident like the physical attack upon the representative of the country’s independent body like the JSC will go down as one of the lowest moments in the country’s judicial, constitutional and political history, the release states. This incident is of such magnitude that it challenges the very notion of professionalism and independency, not only that of the judiciary but also of other institutions related to the judiciary, like that of the profession of lawyers and the police in Sri Lanka, the AHRC says.It is in this overall context of threat, intimidation and fear that the judges and lawyers of Sri Lanka have chosen to protest today. This protest directly confronts the inability of the government to protect its constitutional institutions, the AHRC release says.

Author: TELO Admin