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‘Reconsider Divi Neguma draft bill’

UNP general secretary Tissa Attanayake demands the government to reconsider the Divi Neguma draft bill and to halt its foolish attempts to discredit the country before the world by denying the people their rights and dues.This draft bill has created distruct among the minority communities, he says.In a statement, he says the draft bill is an attempt to ruin the lives of Samurdhi recipients, lay hands on their bank deposits and to seize powers vested in the provincial councils.Instead of addressing the weaknesses and faults in the draft bill, the government is on a malicious campaign to sling mud at its opponents, he says.KP, who tried to divide the country, has become a pet of the government which had failed to bring him before the law.Therefore, the government has no ethical right to accuse others of attempting to divide the country, the UNP general secretary adds.

Author: TELO Admin