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MR given green light

The President, it is learnt, has inquired from one of the highest echelons of the judiciary, the legality of him contesting a third term.
The President had made this inquiry on Wednesday (10) and it was revealed that the relevant officers in the judiciary had got back to him with a reply.

In accordance with the reply, the President is preparing for a Presidential election next year and it is expected to be held by the first week of January.

Meanwhile, former Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva is preparing to challenge, in Court, the President’s right to contest a third term.

He had earlier declared that it was illegal for the President to run for a third term and that the 18th Amendment, which removed him from such bars was passed after he was sworn in.
The former CJ has already prepared all the necessary documents for the case and has said neither the President’s inquiry into the matter nor the reply received would have any bearing on the case.

Author: TELO Media Team 1