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Indian govt. comes to improve minority representation in administration

The Indian Government has launched a special project to enhance the educational capabilities of the Indian Origin Tamil community, especially those living in the plantation areas, to make way for more youths to enter universities and eventually enter the higher echelons, said Parliamentarian V. S. Radhakrishnan, who is also the Political Leader of the Upcountry People’s Front (UPF).”A recent study has revealed that only around 23,000 students from the plantation areas sit for the GCE ordinary level examination annually, of whom only 2,500 sit the advanced level examination. This shows that there is a bottle neck at the ordinary level causing a high drop out rate between the ordinary level and advanced level. Furthermore only 5% of this total number were able to secure admission to the universities”, Radhakriishnan said.He said that following discussions with the Indian High Commissioner in Sri Lanka Ashok K. Kantha recently a Sub Committee of the Ceylon Estate Workers Education Trust (CEWET), Chaired by UNP Parliamentarian R. Yogarajan, was tasked with finding ways and means of increasing the number of plantation youth passing the O-level and A-level and make recommendations to provide them with special coaching classes and other facilities.When contacted, Parliamentarian R. Yogarajan said that the Indian Government was compelled to come forward to launch the project to provide special coaching classes for students studying for their Ordinary and Advanced level examination so that more could enter universities and then sit competitive examinations to enter the higher echelons of the Sri Lanka administrative service (SLAS).Yogarajan noted that this decision were taken following a recent study of the ethnic ratio of the Sri Lanka Public Service, which revealed that 94% were from the majority Sinhalese community and the minority communities represented only six per cent and of that Indian origin Tamils were a mere 0.2.This was despite means of improving the number of minority members in the public service introduced by, late President Ranasinghe Premadasa through the Public Administration circular number 15 of 1990. It ensured that the recruitment to the SLA would be according to the Ethnic ratio of each and every community in the country, Yogarajan noted.”However at present the recruitment of minority members into the SLAS on ethnic ratio can only be achieved through a political decision of affirmative action only by President Mahinda Rajapaksa‘s government”, Yogarajan said.

Author: TELO Admin