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Ganeshan says solution lies in implementing 13th Amendment

Leader of the Democratic People’s Front (DPF) Mano Ganeshan urged the government to implement the 13th Amendment to the Constitution without further delay.Ganeshan said that the implementation of the 13th Amendment was a prerequisite for the post-war national reconciliation process. The government should allow elected members to make decisions on behalf of those living in the Northern and Eastern Provinces without trying to impose decisions taken in Colombo.Ganeshan said that they were ‘sick’ of decisions being made in Colombo when it should be provincial administration who should decide and that was one way to address the ethnic issue.The DPF leader said that reconstruction of roads, hospitals and schools in the north was not development as the Tamil people needed more schools and hospitals built in their areas along with other infrastructure.He said that the comment made by a top army officer in the North to say that the students of the Jaffna University themselves wanted to be sent to rehabilitation camps was a ‘big joke’Students in the north should be permitted to think freely and that the government should not interfere with this way of thinking and forcing the leadership training on them forcibly, he said.The DPF leader said that the democratically elected leaders of the Tamil people have stated over and over again that they were not for a divided and separated country, but for a united Sri Lanka.Ganeshan claimed that Tamils in the North were facing state terrorism and although terrorism was defeated, it does not seem so for the northerners.

Author: TELO Admin